Hi, I’m Yuki. I’m a visual artist and a tattoo artist. In my creative practise I gravitate toward slow intricate processes. I love to create extended spaces for deliberate decision making. My tattoo practise began in 2015. My style has evolved through time and has always been heavily influenced by other mediums and art practises. At the moment I mainly use watercolour painting to co-create on the spot custom tattoos with my clients. My process begins by collecting organic shapes and sketching with broad tools and paint. We select shapes that interest you and render them to a more precise image. Moving away from cultural heady choices, and choosing imagery based on personal taste and intuition. I also have a collection of abstract drawings to choose from. Being a visual artist can be a lonely practise, I feel much gratitude for being able to utilize the practise of tattooing to physically share art and connect with people through art.

You can speak to me in English, German or Dutch. Feel free to ask me any additional questions you might have.